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About About National Psychological Association of Ukraine

National Psychological Association of Ukraine (NPA) is an umbrella organization, founded in 2017, that unites various Ukrainian psychological associations working in different approaches and independent professionals from the field of psychology. Only experts possessing a degree in psychology (Bachelor, Masters, or PhD in Psychological Sciences) or hold a title of a Candidate of Psychological Sciences may become a member of NPA. 


As a professional organization, we are guided by the principles of democracy and equality for all our members. The leadership of the association is changed every 2 years by open voting during the General Meeting of the organization. We aim to create an environment propelling development, exchange of experience, and realization of the interests and talents of our members. Each NPA member may participate in the work of different divisions, join activities of workshops, and take part in projects’ discussions, as well as be recruited as an expert for different projects. 

Our Goals in 2021

  • Launch of the National Committee EuroPsy;

  • Final approval of NPA Code of Ethics and launch of the NPA Ethics Committee; 

  • Advocacy for the bill on psychological health;

  • Further expansion of international cooperation;

  • Expanding association membership by attracting new individual members and increasing the number of NPA divisions;

  • Launch of an annual short electronic newsletter reporting NPA activity and its distribution among the association members;

Promotion of scientific psychology.

Our Structure

Our organization includes approximately 20 professional associations that represent different approaches or methods in psychology. Additionally, membership in NPA is defined not only by a collective format but is also possible through an individual format. Individual members may join divisions. A division is an association of psychologists working on a specific topic. Such associations enable colleagues to handle relevant issues fundamentally. Within divisions, NPA members organize scientific and practical experience events, conduct research, and provide education. Currently, NPA encompasses the following 10 divisions: Psychological Health, Addiction Studies, Family Psychology, Stress and Psychological Trauma, Cyberpsychology and Psychological Practice in Digital Environment, Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence, Educational Psychology, Division of Students, Psychoanalytic Psychology and Psychotherapy, Psychology of Eating Behaviors. The Association includes approximately 1000 psychology experts, and the number of our members is growing.

International Partnership

An important course of NPA activity is partnership and cooperation with foreign colleagues. We strive to promote Ukrainian psychology in the world, share experience and spread the best foreign practise in Ukraine.

  • Starting from 2017, National Psychological Association is a National Ukrainian Representative in the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. NPA members are also members of different EFPA committees and pursue implementation of an international system of certification for psychologists EuroPsy in Ukraine.


  • In 2018, the American Psychological Association signed a memorandum of cooperation with NPA. NPA members are included in the extended workshops launched by APA. American colleagues actively support the Ukrainian association providing guidance, resources, and information.

  • Since 2019, the National Psychological Association has been a part of the Global Psychology Alliance created with the help of the American Psychological Association. As an informal alliance, the GPA prides itself on its truly collaborative and inclusive approach to strengthening psychology’s role in addressing the issues that impact us all. The GPA, comprised of high-level leaders from the world’s psychological associations, identifies and makes progress on emerging challenges that require attention and action from the global psychology community.


  • In 2021, the NPA Division of Students received the associate membership status in the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations.

Executive Board

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