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Donate for psychological care for Ukrainian people

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On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine. Russian troops are bombing Ukrainian towns and villages, destroying schools, hospitals, kindergartens. Russian soldiers occupy a number of settlements, block the civilians from leaving the areas, and shell “green corridors” of evacuation and humanitarian supply from Ukraine and its allies. Occupants are killing civilians and looting. People have been surrounded by enemies and under fire for a long time, and the situation is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. In 2022, in a European country, people are burying their relatives in mass graves. Women give birth under fire in basements, sick people cannot get assistance. According to the UN, since the beginning of the war, Europe has accepted more than 6 million refugees from Ukraine (12.05.2022). As psychologists, we have already been dealing with shock reactions, acute stress, grief, problems with adaptation among displaced persons, depression, and other mental health problems. We expect the increase of PTSD cases, suicude, and brain injuries in the near future. Timely professional help is very important to reduce the number of cases of emerging mental disorders and problems in the near future. We consider our project a prevention of potential problems among Ukrainians and an urgent psychological help.



From the first day of war we, the Ukrainian psychologists, have been providing psychological support for our society. This is an online format organized by volunteers who stay in safe conditions and have enough emotional resources for work. It is important, because people are rapidly changing locations due to increased risk to life. However, we realized that in order to help Ukrainians be more efficient and convenient, we need to find funding. Therefore, the NPA launched a fundraising campaign and began looking for centralized funding.


In June, we will launch an updated psychological support hotline from the National Psychological Association, which is provided in the format of audio and video calls. The hotline operates on a single number available from Ukraine 0-800-100-102 from 10:00 to 20:00. All calls are free. In order to receive a video consultation with a psychologist, client needs to notify the operator and he/she will switch the application to video conferencing. Psychologists-consultants of the line are specially educated specialists who are trained in providing crisis interventions, trauma-informed approach, topics of violence. All consultations are confidential. If necessary, line psychologists can refer people to other specialists.

Also psychological help for Ukrainians abroad is available by toll-free numbers in

  • Poland +48 800 088 141 

  • Czech Republic +420 800 012 058 

  • Romania +40 800 400 597

  • Slovakia +421 800 182 399

  • Hungary +36 68 098 1580

  • France +33 805 080 466 

  • Italy +39 800 939 092

  • Austria +43 800 017967

  • Portugal +351 800 780 756

  • Sweden   +46 20 160 46 46

  • Ireland +353 1800 817 519

  • United Kingdom +44 808 164 2432 ​

we will soon add other countries.

Why your support is important?

The hotline is an initiative implemented by the National Psychological Association with the support of UNDP and with financial support of the European Union, the governments of Denmark and Canada under the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme.

The launch was made possible by funding from the American Psychological Association, as well as psychologists from around the world who made donations. Now we use donations to pay for the translation of lectures and training sessions for psychologists, pay for some technical solutions related to training colleagues and organize supervision. 


The line's technical support was made possible by Amazon and Deloitte companies.


All additional donations will be aimed at strengthening our work, increasing the number of psychologists on the line if necessary and continuing the work of the initiative.


To make personal donate push button bellow and use your Mastercard/Visa with any amount:

Donations in USD/EUR/CHF from company or organization please send us mail to we will send you instructions.

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